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West Coast Mastiff & Large Breed Rescue (WCM) was formed to help reduce the number of large breed dogs in the California Shelter system. Our breeds include Mastiffs, Great Danes and St. Bernards.

We are a California statewide non-profit rescue that takes in gentle giants from shelters and surrenders then places them in a foster home for evaluation and veterinary care. Each dog is carefully evaluated and made healthy before we carefully match adopted family to dog and dog to adopted family. We place dogs all over CA, OR, WA, NV and AZ, but not beyond those states.

WCM  relies on its volunteers for the welfare and placement of dogs in it's care.  There are no paid staff, so all the adoption fees and donations go directly to the care and placement of our rescue dogs.    

Please consider adoption, it saves lives. 

Like all non-profit rescues, we need help with funding. $1, $5, or $10 dollars will keep us going in such times when everyone is dumping animals and no money is coming into rescue to support all the giants in need. Please consider donating if you can.

Disclosure: We at WCM Rescue will never put out a youtube video without saying who we are. If you see anything linking to our video's or name and they do not introduce with WCM Rescue, THAT IS NOT RESCUE!


We ARE a 501C3 Charitable Organization
Please donate and help WCM save lives
(it's tax deductable, too!)

Yogi the mastiff with dolly

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We cannot thank everyone who has donated enough. Every dollar goes directly to the dogs and their medical care etc.
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Unfortunately, the dog placement business is picking up as people face financial hardships and foreclosures.  If you are one of these people,  please reconsider giving up your family member. But if it is the only option, we will try to help you. To surrender a dog, submit a surrender application.

We can always use volunteers who have big dog experience to foster, so please submit an application if you are interested.  We can't pay you, but you'll be rewarded with lots of kisses.

To adopt a dog, please submit an adoption application.  You will be contacted by a volunteer by telephone after your application is processed.  

We take in dogs frequently so check out our adoptable dogs weekly.  

And please consider our older dogs!
 old dogs make the best dogs logo
Old Dogs are the BEST Dogs! They are calm, predictable, reliable, loyal, considerate, peaceful, quiet, and no longer need those 3 hours of heavy daily exercise!
  Old dogs are a dog owner’s dream
 come true.  Check out the 10 top reasons to adopt an older dog here.  


Please click on our donation page to see how you can easily donate...without even spending money!


West Coast Mastiff has been very busy and our services still continue to be in great demand. We have rescued and re-homed hundreds of giant dogs over the last couple of years and it has not slowed down.

More dogs in need continue to come in which makes it harder for us to care for them. We are not a facility but place all our rescue dogs in individual foster homes.   With the surrendering of many, many dogs to rescue, due to the financial struggles of people effected by the economy, we are struggling too.

The problem is so severe that we have had to turn dogs away or leave dogs in heart breaking situations. This is killing those of us that love the giant breeds. We need your help.

Vet costs are our major expense. The majority of dogs coming into rescue are not neutered or current on their shots. We not only want to insure that the dogs have a new life but that their quality of life is there too.

If you have it in your heart and are able to do so, we are a non-profit and any donation made will go directly to the dogs.

It is also tax deductible. 

** Thanks for having a big heart for big dogs**


Donations can be mailed to
39252 Winchester Road #107-253, Murrieta, CA 92563.  
We will send you a receipt for your taxes.
We are also in need of the following:
Kennels, food bowl, blankets, towels and dog beds, dog toys and treats and dog food.   These items don't need to be new just in good condition. And if you are a vet that is willing to help with veterinarian services we will gladly place a link to your business on our website.
Thank You







Remember Eddie, AKATrooper?   He had cancer and his adoptive family paid thousands of dollars to get the radiation therapy that he needed.  Some of you even sent contributions for Troopers care and they were much appreciated I might add.  Look at Trooper now.  A big healthy Great Dane that just graduated #1 in his class.  Way to go Trooper, your mom and I knew you were a special boy!  Love ya  Elaine



Trooper Grad




 OEM GingerOEM Fluffy Spike



Zoe dirt

2 dogs leaning


 dog big tongue



 Fiji in snowIrie as pup










  Thanks for Having a Big Heart for a Big Dog


Oh My Gosh... Canine Winesis a company that Rocks. Please check out this site and if you are ordering wine please let them know that you saw their link at West Coast Mastiffs.Youwill be happy because you will receive some incredible wine and thebig dogswill be happy all over California because you will helping to save their lives. Here's toCanine Wines, a company that has a big heart for big dogs!!


Love to shop? Check out this site. There are over 600 stores on it and if you shop at any of them and give them our rescues name, a percentage of your purchase will be donated to us to help us save dogs. Stores include Office Depot, Nordstroms, Ebay and so many more.